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Safety Measures

The Orleans Cardiopulmonary Group puts your safety as our top priority.  All staff, technologists and physicians follow the strict requirements of a variety of governing  bodies.  This creates a layered approach to your protection.

Every member of the OCPG team wears full personal protective equipment (PPE) for all interactions between patients, the public and other staff members.


During your exam or procedure the technologist or doctor will be wearing full PPE. 


The room and the equipment are sanitized before you enter. 


Our infection control procedures ensure you will not be exposed to the COVID-19 virus during your visit.


We have modified the layout of or clinic to adapt to the safety measures needed to keep you safe.  Prior to your visit our staff will ask you a series of screening questions. 


After you arrive, you will be asked those screening questions again and will have your temperature taken. 


Once it's determined your safe to enter for your appointment, you'll see our reception staff are separated by sneeze guards and the seating has been reduced to maintain a safe distance.

We have purchased Swiss made air purifiers with specialized HyperHEPA filters as an additional measure to protect our staff and patients.

For our patients coming for pulmonary function tests (PFT), we have build a special booth to reduce the chances of transmission of the virus.

Together with the safety measures you follow at home and in public with the measures we follow here at OCPG, we can ensure we are all stopping the spread of COVID-19.